Going barefoot in terms of zero-drop footwear is especially great without breaking the bank. I recently laced a pair of Common Tread Traversa Men's Low-Cut Lace-Up Shoes for a "test run". I advocate walking barefoot and take any opportunity to wear footwear that aligns with a minimalist, barefoot philosophy. The positive effects are enormous. I would love to share my recent experience with you.

Common Tread Traversa Men's Low-Cut Lace-Up Shoes

Common Tread Traversa Men's Low-Cut Lace-Up Shoes

A barefoot shoe is a zero-drop shoe, meaning the sole height does not differ between the ball of the foot and the heel of the shoe—it is flat.

The toe box is wide enough to accommodate the width of the front of your foot, especially your toes.

Your foot gets feedback moving in this shoe, depending on what surface you are on.

These factors enable your foot to move as designed. As your foot meets the surface, it lengthens naturally as your arch flattens, and when your foot width expands, your innate shock-absorbing mechanisms can protect your joints from overexertion. The intricate bone structure in your feet moves organically, otherwise often hampered in a padded shoe. When we move naturally, our bodies better understand how and where they move. The foot muscles can work without the cushioning crutch, building strength. The healthy movement carries far-reaching benefits throughout your body.

Shopping Barefoot Can Be Challenging

While I love natural movement, I hesitate to purchase the typical styling of barefoot shoes. For a long time, the barefoot scene offered limited options for traditional smart-casual wear, and I wanted to look professional while serving my patients and about town.

I am grateful that Common Tread has breached that gap. The founders, occupational therapist Nicole and engineer John have created a wide range of amazingly flexible zero-drop shoes for children, encouraging healthy foot movement from a young age. The impact they've made to date convinced them to extend their line. John and I regularly geek out over the ins and outs of barefoot philosophy, and he looped me in on their plan to launch an adult offering, generously providing a pair for review.

You may have noticed me wearing these stylish lace-ups around the office as I go about my day, enabling your better movement.

It's An Easy Win

It's only been a few weeks, and honestly, what fantastic footwear. The Common Tread Traversa Men's Low-Cut Lace-Ups are roomy and have enough sole not to feel too harsh on any surface. During our colder weather, I found these shoes to be well-insulated. It's a world-class product experience, and as the days go by, the Common Treads are becoming even more comfortable as they age.

Reasonably Priced for Locals

The pricing is reasonable, considering the general cost of internationally made barefoot shoes once imported and shipped. These are a good deal at the Common Tread price.

I am proud to endorse a product a patient of mine helped produce, and I am excited that Common Tread enabled me to pass a good experience on to you.


The Common Tread Traversa Men's Low-Cut Lace-Ups.

Happy feet could be just a click away.

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